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Plan Advisories

The AICPA EBPAQC prepared the following comprehensive Plan Advisories to assist plan sponsors, administrators and others in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities.

9. erisa section 103a3c plan advisory - page 1_1.png

ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C) Audits

Internal Control

The Importance of Internal Controls in Financial Reporting and Safeguarding Plan Assets

Auditor Communications

Understanding Auditor Communications


Partial Employee Benefit Plan Terminations

Monitoring Outsourced Recordkeeping

Effective Monitoring of Outsourced Plan Recordkeeping and Reporting Functions

Retaining Plan Records

Importance of Retaining and Protecting Employee Benefit Plan Records

Quality Audit

The Importance of Hiring a Quality Auditor to Perform Your Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Valuing Plan Investments

Valuing and Reporting Plan Investments

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